Tour & timetable


 I deliver around Edinburgh on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings and around East Lothian on Thursday or Friday (depending on the demand)

You can find me with the van and the full stock every Sundays at stockbridge market (10am – 4pm)

CHRISTMAS week’s schedule:

-20th and 21st of december: home deliveries around edinburgh and east lothian

22nd and 23rd of december : in front of Lockett Bros wine shop in North Berwick, High Street.

-24th of december : at Stockbridge Market from 10am till 2pm

9 thoughts on “Tour & timetable

  1. Hi there – we’ve not managed to get to the Stockbridge market in a while. There’s no rush and we realise that the supply situation may be crazy but we’d like to order anytime after you’ve got past the Christmas rush:
    Cantal – 200gm
    Morbier – 200gm
    Tome de Savoie – 200gm
    Brebis – 100gm
    Also – We always ask if you have any of the hard goat’s cheese that you used to be able to get – 200gm of that if is available
    Please let us know if this is possible – we can’t put through an order on teh site as it shows everything as being out of stock. How do we go about paying?
    Cheers, john & Fiona Gailey 16 Learmonth Gardens Edinburgh 07547361490

  2. Hi! We bought your delicious cheeses from your van in North Berwick just before Christmas. We have just moved here, and trying to set up a new account to have domestic deliveries in times of lockdown. Can’t find a way to do this? Grateful if you could advise please! Merci. Jan

  3. I hope you will get your stock replenished and be back to action soon. Good luck!

  4. Hi, it’s Martin from MASS. I just placed an order and want it delivered to the garage, I wonder if you can deliver it for us during the day as the garage shuts after 5? If not I can give you an Edinburgh address

  5. Did you get my order yesterday? Usually you send an email but none arrived. Charles

  6. Hello

    Will you be doing the same Christmas selection as last year at all?


    1. Dear Andrew, i’m so sorry for the late reply! I’ve only noticed your message now! It’s getting tricky to keep track of all the messages, emails, instagram/messenger/whatsapp…. VBut if it’s not too late,i’d be more than happy to deliver you before xmas.
      I’ll have a few cheese selections available . They’re called “tour de france” (£20/40/60).
      I hope i’m not too late
      Kind regards,

  7. Hello, I would like to make a Christmas order for delivery that Saturday. Can you help me please? I tried to order online but it didn’t work. Merci

    1. I’m sorry to read you’ve been struggling to place your order …
      I’ve got your order on my system though so i can keep it on and either send you my bank details if you want to do a bank transfer or you could pay me an delivery .

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