Remember last summer in France, how good and tasty the cheeses were…

Maybe you would have liked to bring some back with you, but anyway… it wouldn’t have last long enough…

So let me introduce the cheese van, which I’ll be driving around the town of Edinburgh, to bring you all those special cheeses, you’ve always dreamed to have for diner every day…

Check out the tour map and the timetable if you want to visit us. If you’d rather want us to visit you, let’s have a look to our products and price list and why not ordering right from home and getting delivered if possible.




I would advise that on Monday 13th August I received the following information relating to the Pelardon Cheese I sold between the 27th July and 12th August 2018

L’EARL MOUNIER is calling back today all the Pelardons from shops after traces of Salmonella were found
The Products have the following caracteristics :
Name of Product : Cheese AOP Pelardon
Companie registration : FR 48,122,011 CE
Batch number : all batches produced between 10/07 and 29/07/2018
DLUO : between 10/09 and 29/09/2018
All these batches can’t be sold anymore.
Some of those products have been sold before the ban though.
Therefore, we advise anyone who would still have some of those products, to avoid eating them and getting rid of them or getting your money back .
The symptomes caused by salmonella are guts problems and fever hapenning up to 48h after eating it. It can get more serious if the person is a child, an elderly or someone with immuno deficiency.
Anyone who would have had these pelardons and have any of these symptomes should go and see a doctor.
Any question call Earl Mounier : 0033 466 485 878

[1] Date limite de consommation (DLC/ use by date) ou Date limite d’utilisation optimale (DLUO/ best before)