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The Morbier comes from the Jura’s mountains.It’s particularity is the blue line it has ,right in the middle.It’s a complex, pungent semi-firm cheese,made from two separate milkings of cow’s milk layered on top of each other The cheese is uncooked and pres

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The Comté is a cheese made of unpasteurised cow milk from the Jura’s Mountains. It comes as a big large round cheese of 63cm wide and weighing around 42 kg. It’s discribed as a “cooked ,pressed hard cheese”. During its affinage, which can vary from 4 to 30 its crust becomes a golden yellow and hardens. The crust reveals a soft and creamy pate. Its chewy pate acquires a fruity taste when made with summer milk, and a nutty taste when made from the milk of winter. Serve with Yellow wine