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Xmas cheese selection

      Christmas 2019 Cheese Selection                
   mixed cheese selection 100% goat’s milk cheese selection 100% cows milk cheese selection
£15   200g  Comte     150g Tomme de chevre ( semi hard, medium strengh)   1 St Marcellin  ( strong, creamy)
    1  Pelardon     1 Crottin (young, mild, firm )     200g Comte (mild/nutty hard mountain cheese)
    1  crottin or St Marcellin   1 Pelardon (medium strengh, creamy)   150g Cantal Salers ( cheddary, sharp, fruity)
    1 St Marcellin     2 rocamadour (strong, creamy, tangy)          
£20   1 Crottin or Pelardon   1 Crottin                
    200g Beaufort (full flavored hard mountain cheese)   1 Pelardon              
    200g Bleu des causses (cow’s milk roquefort)   200g Tomme de Chevre            
    1 St Felicien (medium strengh, runny)                    
    200g Comte                      
£30   1 Crottin or Pelardon                    
    150g Roquefort (strong, tangy, blue cheese, ewe’s milk                    
    1/2 brebis corse (fresh ewe’s cheese rolled in thym and rosemary…)                    
    1 Mont D’or (runny, woody flavored mountain cheese)                    
£40   1 St Marcellin                      
    200g Beaufort                      
    1/2 Brebis Corse                      
    200g Fourme d’Ambert (mild/medium strengh, creamy blue cheese)                    
    1 Crottin or Pelardon                    
              Contact:  0795 125 1073  //
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Bleu des Causses

A close cousin to Roquefort, the Bleu des Causses is a is cylindrical cheese with an ivory-yellow creamy pate, very consistent. It is shinny in summer, drier and white in winter. The taste is of summer pastures, soft and savoury. In the winter the taste is more earthy and salty

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Roquefort is produced entirely from the milk of the ewes that feed on the vast plateaux (Causses- a limestone plateau ringed with cliffs) found in the Aveyron. The ripening of the cheeses is in the natural damp, aired caves found under the village of Roquefort. Strong and delicate creamy blue cheese